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"Jake is a very enthusiastic person and has a positive approach to market research"

James McKay
Research Consultant

"Resource helped me to become a good photographer"

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Elisa G.
More about me

As a market researcher and a thought leader (said by others!), I have been fortunate to work with a range of organisations around the work so you’re in good company.

Companies include Formula One, Wimbledon Championships, Nike, Adidas, London Marathon + others.

F100 companies such as Survey Monkey!

Market leading research organisation such as Logit Group, Question Pro and Greenbook

A strong community

Across all social media media channels and my newsletter, I have a community over 10,000 people including market researchers, C-Suite individuals and entrepreneurs. This is where you say, I am one!

Delivering value

I deliver value across my blog including video and podcast content and I am more than happy to share any website statistics if you are interested. I'm a market researcher, so I like my stats!

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