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As a market researcher and a thought leader (said by others!), Jake has been fortunate to work with a range of organisations around the work so you’re in good company.

Jake Pryszlak AKA The ResearchGeek

About Jake Pryszlak

Jake has worked for companies like Formula One, Wimbledon Championships, Nike, Adidas, London Marathon + others.

You may know Jake as The ResarchGeek. He uses his strong presence on social media to share his thoughts on market research. He has a sharing is caring philosophy and is always on hand via email and direct messages to help others.

The story behind Jake

Jake started the ResearchGeek blog over 5 years ago to share his ideas about the sector. It was a no BS approach to sharing his thoughts. Over time, his blog has grown and grown and been internally recognised. In turn, leading technology companies and other brands have partnered with The ResearchGeek.

The ResearchGeek shares hints and tips via his Content Mix that includes the 'Tea & Biccies Podcast', blog posts, videos and much more!

Why listen to the Tea & Biccies podcast?

Listen to in-depth conversations with some of the brightest minds in the market research and data industry

Quality content

Informative and short podcasts that provide you with actionable takeaways

World-class interviews

With knowledgable individuals from around the world

Global community

Talking with individuals from across all continents about market research and data

The ResearchGeek timeline

How and when it all started

Founded ResearchGeek
Reached 1K page views per month
Started speaking internationally
Started a podcast
Helping to shape the industry

Some of our partners

Some of The ResearchGeek past and current partners