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Jake Pryszlak AKA The ResearchGeek
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About Jake Pryszlak

A 3-time award winning market researcher, blogger, speaker and podcaster. Jake has worked for some of the most well known organisations in the world including Google, AirBnB, Formula One, Samsung, Nike and Government. His journey in market research started when someone said 'We know the answer, we don't need to ask our customers anything'

Sound familiar?

What other listeners say

Matt Roberts - Analytics Director
5 star feedback for Jake Pryszlak

I have worked with Jake for a few years now. He is really responsive and helpful and is definitely someone I would recommend.

Matt Roberts, Analytics Director, Formula E
Dan Foreman
5 star feedback for Jake Pryszlak

Jake is a walking, talking celebration of humanity. He energises everybody with his enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to seeing and reading more about Jake over the coming years.

Dan Foreman, Entrepreneur

Keynote speaker

A combination of personal and professional experience coupled with a no BS attitude to getting things done.

Jake has spoken on the international stage talking about all things market research including the latest technology, quantitative and qualitative research, customer experience and analytics

Jake Pryszlak - Market researcher

Jake Pryszlak

Market research | Speaker | Podcaster

A coffee and biscuit lover. Helping organisations connect with consumers whilst uncovering the why

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